The committee members are chosen from the National Evangelical Church congregation and adherents. Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD), accessible through My Navy Portal (MNP) and BOL, is an additional avenue for board candidates to communicate with the presidents of promotion and selection boards. E4 - E7 Exam Results. Nationa Protestant College School Committee. Active Duty Enlisted. All eligibility requirements, to include any waivers, must have final approval and be posted to the records of the candidates prior to this date. Navy Personnel Command. Added in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The primary goal of a NPC must be to benefit the public and not to make profit. Navy Personnel Command. Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents, Promotion Selection Board Rules of Engagement, From: Chief of Navy PersonnelOnce Notified You Are Going to be A Selection Board Member. Per Secretary of Defense guidance, the display of official photographs to officer promotion selection boards has been prohibited. Active Duty Enlisted. You may not consider any written or published material not provided to you by the selection board administrative staff. Navy Personnel Command > Officer > Officer Detailing > Pers-41 SWO > Career Info > Selection Boards. Navy Personnel Command. Boards. Navy Personnel Command. Don't Forget the Exam 03 Line; 03 Staff; 04 Line; 04 Staff; 05 Line; 05 Staff; 06 Line; 06 Staff; CWO 3 General Information; CPO Selection Boards; SCPO Selection Boards; MCPO Selection Boards; Active Duty Officer General Information; CPO Selection Boards; SCPO Selection Boards; MCPO Selection Boards; Active Duty Officer Do not disclose the proceedings, deliberations vote of the board, including how you voted, or names of officers selected or not selected for promotion to anyone unless authorized by competent authority to do so. Check the web page of the PERS code that sponsors the board for specific instructions. Do not divulge the purpose, location, or dates of travel to anyone except your commanding officer, reporting senior, and command master chief (CMDCM) (enlisted personnel only). The National Protestant College School Committee oversees the policy and direction of NPC. CME crediting follows the DODI 1215.07 in regards to the 4:1 rule (4 hours to 1 point). Active Duty Enlisted. Review the selection board brief from PERS-803 on NPC, it is gold. Do not attempt to get information about or discuss any officer who might be considered by the selection board you will sit. d. Address for Correspondence to a Promotion Board. All board correspondence should include the correct board number. There are several ways to submit board correspondence. The conduct of the Board is also governed by the Articles of Association, a copy of ESSBD was designed as an alternative process to the current submission methods such as hard copy and e-mail submitted letters and related attachments. It is headed by the Right Honorable Prime Minister. Please use ONLY the NPC Customer Service Center address for any letter to a PROMOTION Board. The location of this NPC is unknown. Property of the NPC may not be distributed to any person that has an interest in the NPC. The October promotion message has been released, NAVADMIN 259/20. Notes from a MCPO that sat the 8/9 board this year Bottom line is that our boards are now very similar to statutory boards and the way that 95% of the Chiefs and below think happens at the boards are not accurate. XIA - Additional NPCs + Rules for NPC selection - Looking for folks to try them out! You can also call the Emergency Information Line at 901-874-7474.. All personnel, regardless of whether you are considered "Weather Essential Personnel" (as identified by each PERS code/staff office) or not, are encouraged to use good judgment in determining if … Boards. Continued Medical Education (CME) courses must be submitted to and reviewed/ approved by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) prior to NPC Pers-912 crediting retirement points. With that said, making Chief is not for everyone. Active Duty Enlisted. Navy Personnel Command. NPC Reconvenes Master Chief Selection Board. Boards Currently selected. Once Notified You Are Going to be A Selection Board Member. Boards Currently selected. Active Duty Enlisted. Top Link Bar. Comments or Suggestions about Sometimes the Navy will move around the publication of the results to ease the burden associated with bandwidth on their servers so final results may not appear immediately in their final place. Advancement selection boards shall consider carefully, without prejudice or On this page you will find information on the E-4 through E-7 advancement exam and Chief's selection board results. PERS-803 Enlisted Advancement and Continuation Boards Branch Head: CWO2 Clay Summers Phone: (901) 874-3170 DSN: 882-3170 Email: Board Sponsors:PSCM(SW/AW) Robin Thiel PSCM(SW) Doug VancePhone: (901) 874-2245 Phone: (901) 874-4540Email: Email: … d. 20 May 2019: RC E-7 selection board convenes. Players can decide exactly how they want to handle each NPC interaction in The Outer Worlds, giving them freedom, but that does not come without ramifications. Please refer to the individual promotion board webpage on the left-hand menu to check the status. Only the convening authority, or an individual specified in writing by the convening authority, may speak to board members in person about substantive matters once the board convenes.

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